Water is essential for all life. Water and river systems are important social and economic assets of our landscape.


Communities have a role to play in helping conserve our waterways. In this way we can help make sure our children, grandchildren and great- grandchildren will continue to enjoy the many values that rivers currently provide. If you would like to:


  • Learn how to test the health of the water in House Creek
  • Look at how the stormwater treatment wetland works
  • Discover water bugs – good and bad
  • Play around with water test kits and nets
  • Meet near the BBQ in Willow Park
  • BYO water, sunscreen and hat
  • Friends of Willow Park will provide all other equipment
  • Join us for morning tea after gardening (would you like to bring some morning tea?)
  • between 9:30 – 10:30 am on specified Sundays

Check our calendar of events for Waterwatch dates


Wodonga, Victoria, Australia