Wodonga Urban Landcare Network (WULN)

In 2012 Friends of Willow Park, in partnership with Baranduda Landcare Group and Friends of Belvoir Park, received a $149,000 share of the Victorian Government’s $12 million Victorian Local Landcare Facilitator Initiative grant to provide this local Landcare support initially until June 2015.

The Victorian Government provided this funding for local Landcare groups to contribute to the salaries of facilitators to support the work of local Landcare communities to protect, enhance and restore our natural environment and to work towards becoming self-sustaining.  Wodonga Urban Landcare Network (WULN) was born and has managed to become self-sustaining.

Wodonga Urban Landcare Network provides support to groups and facilitates opportunities for linkages, information sharing, co-operative and wholistic planning and community involvement in land management across the municipality of Wodonga. WULN support not-for-profit community groups and land managers to be actively involved in the protection, preservation, improvement and management of parks, gardens, bushland, farmland and the open spaces of Wodonga.

Local groups currently involved with WULN include Baranduda Landcare, Leneva Landcare, Huon Creek Landcare, Bonegilla Rail Trail, Clyde Cameron Reserve Group, Parklands Albury Wodonga, and Friends of Groups – Willow Park, Felltimber Creek, Belvior Park, the Ridges Reserves, Huon Creek, and David Winterbottom Park. New members are most welcome!

WULN’s Vision is of a bio-diverse, connected and sustainable landscape, supported by an integrated community approach.

WULN’s Mission is to support, inspire and bring together a network of active steward groups that work effectively and co-operatively with all stakeholders to enhance and protect the environment of the Wodonga municipality.

WULN exists to:
• promote appreciation and awareness of our environment,
• support the growth and sustainability of member groups,
• facilitate partnerships and a whole-of community approach,
• act as a catalyst for change,
• facilitate landscape scale plans and projects,
• broker opportunities for environmental benefit
• plan strategically together for broader outcomes,
• advocate for member groups and the environment.

Current WULN projects ensure on-ground works along House and Huon Creeks through Wodonga. WULN also produces an excellent monthly Bulletin of local events, activities and opportunities.

Visit WULN here or on Ecoportal.

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Wodonga, Victoria, Australia