Gardens for Wildlife

A Gardens for Wildlife project was a goal of ours for some time.   We recognised that the urban landscape is a valid and important area for biodiversity conservation and for minimising the migration of pest species to rural and bush areas.


Gardens for Wildlife logo by Ken Raff.

We also recognised that the project would be timely given that many people in Wodonga were renovating gardens in response to drought and many new urban estates are planned for Wodonga that will see people wanting to create a new garden.

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We intend for this project to promote urban biodiversity, build links between urban gardens and parks and promote environmentally friendly practices in urban gardens.  As such, the project compliments our other activities that we do to promote sustainability and community involvement in parks across Wodonga.

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We received a small grant for this project from the Victorian State Government through the Second Generation Landcare Grants.  We held a number of activities in the first half of 2010 and we are currently seeking additional funds to extend the project.

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For more information, contact the Gardens for Wildlife Coordinator, by email or visit the website.







Wodonga, Victoria, Australia