We participate in a number of large and small projects in partnership with others in our community and we outline some of those larger projects we are very proud of on this page.  

Ali 139

Watch our Facebook page, Calendar of Events  or Ecoportal for information on activities related to our projects.

Please contact us if you would like further information on any of our projects.

Master Plan

Biodiversity by Design

Gardens for Wildlife


Wodonga Urban Landcare Network (WULN)

We would like to congratulate all our members and supporters for their involvement with these projects as we won the Toshiba Community Group Landcare Award and received a Highly Commended in the Urban Landcare Award category.   A great day at Government House in Melbourne in 2011!

Toshibal Comm Group Landcare Award 2011

Alison and Julie with our Landcare awards

Wodonga, Victoria, Australia